Monday, October 24, 2005

What do you do?

When bored to death and cannot sleep(because you are just coming off a long weekend hibernation)? As for me, I decided that blogging was the next best thing to do.

Looking around at whats new, seems like nikhil's had a close encounter there of a different kind. Sonia writes once again a brilliant piece that tugs at your heartstrings no matter how cynical you might have become. This is fifth in the series of the portraits she has done of how the ban has affected the bar-girls. More here, here, here and here

Diwali hols are coming up in a week. I have not been home for diwali(which incidentally used to be my fav festival) in three years, and unless something drastic happens, I might miss it this year too. The last time I did make it was in my first year when I managed to get into an overcrowded(understated ) general compartment in konark express, managed to sit through 16 hrs journey without anything other than Freddie Trueman's autobiography, one bottle of water, one discman, 1 mp3 disc, and 50 rupees.(oh not to forget my satchel). Next two years I was here practicing for the inter-IIT cricket team and it seems a similar thing is going to happen this year also. As I had written earlier, festivals seem to have lost meaning to us here in a campus insulated from the outside world, But I get a feeling that I should be home this time around for diwali.

I hear the wind call your name
It calls me back home again
It sparks up the fire - a flame that still burns
Oh it's to you I'll always return
I still feel your breath on my skin
I hear your voice deep within
The sound of my lover - a feeling so strong
It's to you - I'll always belong

Now I know it's true
My every road leads to you
And in the hour of darkness darlin'
Your light gets me through

Wanna swim in your river - be warmed by your sun
Bathe in your waters - cos you are the one
I can't stand the distance - I can't dream alone
I can't wait to see you - Ya I'm on my way home

Oh I hear the wind call your name
The sound that leads me home again
It sparks up the fire - a flame that still burns
Oh, it's to you - I will always return

- I will always return ( bryan adams)


Nikhil said...

Trueman's still have that?
I got only one cricket autobio in the insti liby and that was 'End of an Innings' by Denis Compton.And of course I have my Sunny Days with me :)

Bon Voyage if you decide to go home :)

shrek said...

i forget what it is called.. but it should still be here in the hostel library. I had borrowed it (didnt have any collection to speak of in my first year).

Mirage said...

Three Years??! U better pack ur bags n head home man!!

Happy Diwali!