Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pics from another world

We started at around 6 from the campus. Me having not slept for the past three nights, ( two days - four exams phew!!) decided to forgo sleep for another night, if I were to make it on this trek and it was worth every bit of the sleep that I missed.
But the result of sleepless nights is we tend to compensate whenever we can- for instance in this local train.( sleepy, unshaven for two weeks and not having had a hair cut for 6 months, its me on the left in the photo)

Bhimashankar, this is what we presume was the nag-phani point, our destination on this trek, I donot remember the height of the peak and all that, but it was one heck of a trek coming as it did right after our mid-semester examinations.

We reached the railway station at kanjurmarg by 6:45 and took a train to karjat. It was a group of six of us-
From left adnan, kris, kp, me and bhavish. Sangy the sixth member of the group thought that his cam was dearer to him and thats why appears in none of the photos here.( :P). We walked along this path to reach the base from where we would embark upon one of the best treks to date. There we found this cute little calf (which incidentally kept nuzzling kris)

This is me posing for this firm below while on the way.

Had an amazing time needless to say. The best part was when we took a wrong way and climbed almost vertically up along the rocks until there was no way we could further go up that path without equipment. Its at times like these that one wonders if living our virtual lives in closed cocoons is the worst thing that has happened to us.(more on this later)

We met this guy along the way who had been trekking for the past 25 years and had been to this place 433 times before this. It transates to an amazing "once every fortnight". Phew!!

We reached the peak at around 3:30 fully drenched in the rain and the streams that ran down the peak amidst fog( or rather clouds) so thick that we could hardly see a couple of feet ahead of us. Left for mancher at 5 (on the advise of some wise guy who told us we'd get a bus back to mumbai from there). By the time we reached mancher it was 7:30 and we were told that pune was closer and the next bus to mumbai was scheduled at 10. Since kris had planned on another trek the next day, we took a cab who charged us around 150/head to get us back to our campus. By the time we reached powai it was 00:30.

A few more shots taken along the way. Simply no words to describe them-

Here's a pic of sangy at last- See what we had to do to make him part from his camera?

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Krishna said...

seriously bey..god trek tha :) !

we should do it again sometime in the heart of the monsoons...mazaa aayega :D