Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A matter of honour

The war seems to be taking on a whole new dimension. I was hoping to have a good night's sleep, but when the warcry has been sounded, the warchief(thats my nick when I play lan games) shall rise.

I had written about the hilarious legal notice sent to gaurav sabnis in my previous post, but it didnt end there. IIPM with its huge clout as a consumer of IBM(where gaurav works) has tried to pull its weight, and he has decided to quit his job at IBM to stand by his principles. Apparently JAM office has been stormed by useless lackeys and a notice been served to rashmi and JAM demanding the withdrawal of the articles and a public apology. The worst things these IIPM lackeys could do was expose themselves as uncouth frauds while posing as IIPM students/grads and trying to slander rashmi (read through the comments in the previous link).

One thing that is likely to have me in splits everytime I think of it is this gentlemen talking about his alu muter and him being proud of it.

I try to put in my penny by circulating this amongst my friends here in IITB and outside of it.
Here's an update and some more comic relief.

I have thus completed the tag and whoever has read this, consider themselves tagged.

(at 4:36 in the middle of the night or early morning, just the way you look at it..)

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