Saturday, July 23, 2005

War of the worlds

A movie adapted from a science fiction novel by H.G.Wells(one of the first sci-fi writers I believe). I would have done well to read the book first and then watch the movie, but it happens that though the movie is well made and might do justice to the book, it was a little weak in the plot one feels. Most of the time is spent in showing the catastrophe and how it affects people. I guess the plot in itself was a bit too weak to spin off a movie, but one worth watching for those who like special effects that look real.

And though it held the grip on the audience for the human drama involved for better part of the movie, the end was a bit too bollywood type with a happy-happy ending.(Perhaps I am a bit too cynical in my outlook, but with the reconciliation of the family in the once again neat house in a clean street made me wonder for a moment if they had all died and this was a meeting in heaven.)


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