Friday, July 08, 2005

Of what was to be and is..

This was supposed to be a frustrated rant but heck!, why waste the first chance I got in the week to write a blog on just a rant.
Events that I missed writing about and would have loved to- French Grand Prix, Wimbledon Finals, Olympic bid, and at the top spot on the list would be shared by live 8 concert on the weekend and the ODI between Australia and England with the new rules in place.
Had a nice relaxing weekend at my uncle's place when I just whiled away the time in front of the idiot box and probably made up for all the TV that I hadn't watched in my last three years. (only computer in the hostel- no TV) .
Come monday and I get a scare that the results of my work for the past two months aren't what they are supposed to be and that I may have to stay for a little longer. So, I slog from 9 to 9 three days straight, trying to see if there's a bug in my code, and finally go to my guide yesterday with validation of the results that I got, he oh so casually remarks- "My Bad! the results you were getting were correct for this implementation, and the instability observed was for a different implementation."
Hence, I write a script, run it and leave the office at 9:30 last night, to come back and find that it still hasn't finished. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it will turn out alright, (note to self- need to finish the report of the work, otherwise will have to stay back over the weekend *sigh*)


Mirage said...

Hmm...all the best man!

shrek said...

Thanx!!but *sigh* me working over the weekend all the same