Sunday, February 22, 2009


We all (I assume I'm speaking for quite a few here) have known the horrors of "studying" history.
Here's a brilliant indictment of the way history is taught in our schools. A few paragraphs that stand out :
The astonishing part of the proposed rewriting of history by the Marxists was that interpretations changed quite merrily with their contemporary political proclivities. In our time, the Congress was Enemy No 1; it was a bourgeois-landlord party that collaborated with the imperialists to deny the people their true political rights. This culminated, according to the Leftists, in a false freedom in 1947.

With the rise of the BJP and the growing challenge of “communalism”, the focus shifted to the need to defend “secularism”. Howlers were, thus, perpetrated in history textbooks so that impressionable students believed that all Muslim rulers were adorable things viciously denigrated by trishul-wielding “RSS historians”

Short of exhorting children to offer prayers to Mahmud of Ghazni, Mohammad Ghauri, Nadir Shah and Aurangzeb, our new textbooks will do everything to run down all indigenous achievements. Maharana Pratap, for example, finds just a one-line reference in the SCERT book and Aryabhata none!

The unstated purpose behind this savage attack on Indian history is not mere jobbery; it is a deliberate attempt to berate India, its civilisation, religion and culture. It is aimed at emaciating the people morally and psychologically so that instead of taking pride in the country we become ashamed of its past.
Like Friedman said in another context "One of our best hopes is the inefficiency of the government- With the amount of power they hold, if they were efficient, we'd be slaves by now."(Paraphrased) I am thankful that history is taught in such a dry, thoroughly soporific way so that the majority of us forget most of this propaganda.

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