Monday, March 10, 2008

Where is your mind?

"I open my mail two weeks after they have arrived and I find that the problem is already solved".

I don't remember who said this, but I just love it. We've all had our share of problems, but having problems is not the problem.(excuse please). And yes, we've all had our share of "melodramatic queen" incidents. But I guess we do(should) grow out of it.

I wonder if the so called teenage angst is limited to teenagers. Stereotypes help us paint with brushes "teenagers", "that time of the month" etc. but the worst thing is when the most rational amongst us feel entitled to something and on not getting it enter into an abyss of self pity and or anger and regress back to those "drama queen" times.

We do take ourselves far too seriously. A step back and a walk in another's shoes is all that is required. Hindsight is 20/20. And most of the times, the things we agonize over seem absolutely worthless in hindsight. For all the evolution of our brains we haven't developed pre-emptive hindsight.(foresight I know, but this sounds better).

Nor has science been able to come up with a cure for this all pervading angst. Although not 100% effective a pill known as "kick up the backside" seems to work in most cases. Yours truly is not modest enough to deny that he is one of the better exponents of this kick, both metaphorically and literally, and that if his services are needed, he is only one call away.

Oh btw,

Teenage Angst

Shine the headlight, straight into my eyes.
Like the roadkill, Im paralysed.
You see through my disguise

At the drive-in, double feature,
Pull the lever, break the fever
And say your last goodbyes.

Since I was born I started to decay.
Now nothing ever ever goes my way

One fluid gesture, like stepping back in time.
Trapped in amber, petrified.
And still not satisfied

Airs and social graces, elocution so divine.
Ill stick to my needle, and my favourite waste of time,
Both spineless and sublime.

Since I was born I started to decay.
Now nothing ever - ever goes my way


PS: "Where is your mind?" -Pixies/Placebo - OST of fight club.


MindlessPersonInSearchOfAMindWhichIsBug/MaintenanceFree said...

pre-emptive :)
nice term but i doubt it will help much...its the classic philosopher's joke scenario...
'n yea by a call away u ofcourse mean metaphorically right? u aint intend to actually call on tht person now, wud u? not if that person is oceans away... :)

shrek said...

errr are y0u the person i think you are or are you not? I'm still a call away. for the metaphoric kick, I'm literally one call away, for the literal kick though I'm the metaphoric call away.

MindlessPersonInSearchOfAMindWhichIsBug/MaintenanceFree said... many mindless ppl do u know? :)

shrek said...

Too many to count, but I dunno too many mindless who are also jobless enough to read this crap.

Leela said...

Of deaf ears and locked minds.