Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guten Tag aus Deutschland

Perhaps one of the most enterprising entries seen into a foreignland. Pulled aside at the airport for "special check", unable to find my uncle's friend who was traveling by the same flight, breaking my jacket zipper just before landing in Frankfurt at 3C, and then being mistaken for a policeman (undercover?) all pointed to one thing, Come what might, at the end of the trip, I wouldn't be able to complain that it was boring.

And here's a picture of my bike I bought for 25E, in front of the German Reichstag. Luck's been on my side on important things, what with a cheap furnished apartment in the middle of the town, then a secondhand cheap washing machine and now this cycle.

Makes one believe that there is a limited amount of fortune allocated for each person and you have to make careful use of it, doesn't it ?

And while I was here, with the thought of learning some German history, I picked up this book. Definitely worth a read,to relearn all the lessons that history teaches us and which we promptly forget.

Stranger, stranger in a stange land.
He looked at me as one who should run.
We asked him to smile for a photograph.
Waited a while to see if we could make him laugh.

So did I seek for a cigarette.
His smiling face I can't forget.
It looked like it crossed the street.
He said, I'll wait here.
I wish you were here.
I wish you were here.

Stranger, stranger in a strange land.
He look at me like I was the one who should run.
I watched as he watched us get back on the bus.
I watched there it was.
The way it was there.
He was with us.
And I really don't mind sleeping on the floor.
I can't sleep after what I saw.
I wrote this letter to tell you,
The way I feel.
I wish you were here.
To see what I could see, and hear.
I wish you were here.



Shady said...

Nice bike, aesthetically speaking :)

Leela said...

Guten Tag! Ist das ein wichtiges Gebäude?

shrek said...

Naturalich. Diese Informationen Sie finded hier und hier

Leela said...

Shrek is der richtige Name für Sie. :P
PS: 'Finded' ist kein Deutscheswort, richtig?