Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The secret to Rock stars claim to fame -in a lighter vein

Had a great weekend and top it off with a birthday get together on monday and you cannot ask for more. Well, with us playing rock and watching videos, a comment from the elder generation was always on the cards. What I didnt expect though was the extraordinary tale told by my aunt, which I shall narrate below. Those with the knowledge of the epic Ramayana may go ahead and skip to the next para. Like in all religions, the Hindu religion has an epic story of the fight between the evil and the good. According to the mythology there are four ages and Ramayana took part in the second of these ages, where as we live in the last of these ages in which man has gone furthest along the path of sin and has lost all wisdom. Lord Rama was the epitome of goodness in the second age and he slayed Ravana, the representative of evil in the second age.( of course aided by lackeys those were the devils- typically portrayed as long haired, bulky, messy with lots of body paints)

The Hindu philosophy talks of karma/fate and how one has to fulfill it. Hence in my aunts words, "Once Ravana was killed, all his lackeys asked Rama for forgiveness and cribbed that though they were just fulfilling their karma by supporting Ravana, they shall forever be loathed.
Rama then gave a boon to them that during the fourth age when people lack wisdom, they shall recieve all the adorations that they have longed for. Hence", she finished," all you youngsters swear by these devils".


ansari said...

Hey...thanks for dropping by :)
Met a fellow here who was asking abt you...Tejo Krishna.

And your aunt rocks :))

shrek said...

I attach a comment by anirudh as he was too lazy to make a blogger account

"your aunt rocks :)))))........your aunt renewed my faith in the Ramayana......"

Adnan said...

Interesting ...